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The Making

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

"The Making" is envisioned to be a series of blog posts walking you through the steps it took to build Aquila's Nest Vineyards.

  1. We bought a farm, now what?

  2. Farming equipment, where to start?

  3. Planting our first acre, what an adventure!

  4. Vineyard maintenance, oh my oh my!!

  5. Vineyard sustainability, leveraging the farm's ecosystem.

  6. World's Toughest Mudder, the vineyard style...

  7. Two kids and a full time job, how do we take care of a vineyard?

  8. Growing up in a vineyard, every little boy's dream!

  9. A woman farming, how challenging is that?

  10. To make wine, you'll need a winery!

  11. Sooo much work... is it worth it?

The Winery and the Wines are in the making!

Carpe Vinum 🍷

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