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Monodrama “42nd Street” by Diar Xani

Tuesday June 18 | 6pm

  • 2 hr
  • 20 US dollars

Service Description

Diar Xani, Actor/Director/Producer Yllka Lota, Actress Saranda Rugova, Playwright/Writer/Assistant Director EUROPA is the name of the only and main character of this monodrama. She arrives in NY at the age of 28. After she lands in NY, she finds herself waiting for a family member who was supposed to pick her up, but indeed never shows up and Europa is now alone in a city she knows nothing about. At first, she starts standing on the street with the hope that somebody is going to pick her up. Close by there is a phone cabin. Immediately she starts calling everybody she knows that lives in the US with the hope that somebody will show up...But nobody does, so she gets stuck in the middle of nowhere by herself. Once hunger and cold start kicking in, she realizes that she needs to take control of the situation. She gets a job close by at a construction company. Now Europa has to work like a man and look like a man. Slowly she starts gathering her money, but she knows very well that all the money she is saving will go back to her country because she borrowed it to come in New York. She continues to live on street next to the phone cabin. From time to time, she calls her mother but has no courage to tell her what’s really going on. One night she gets really sad and tired of everything she’s going through, so she dresses like a woman again and hits a night club. She meets up with a man (this character is not alive and it is going to be impersonated by a doll). They start talking and she ends up falling in love with him. They start hanging out and spend time together but one day the man asks her to go at her place because he wants to know where she lives, and Europa takes him to her little corner on the street next to the phone cabin. At that very moment he breaks up with her. She is now sad and angry to the point that she starts dancing on the street like a lunatic to release her anger. People see her dancing on the street like a street artist and give her money. This comes as a surprise to her and she keeps doing it every day, until one day she gets a really good job offer... She starts gathering all her belongings and all her clothes that had been on the street next to the phone cabin for so long and heads to the train station. While waiting for the train, she sees a rat passing by and starts telling him her story. The train approaches the station and she gets on it, starting a new life... This ticket is non-refundable

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