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Tarot Reading at the Vineyard

Wednesday June 19 | 5pm

  • 25 US dollars

Service Description

In the tranquil ambiance of Aquila's Nest Vineyards, a tarot reading with Lunastry can become a profound experience of self-discovery and spiritual reflection. Each card drawn is like a piece of a larger puzzle, guiding us towards understanding our paths, resolving inner conflicts, and embracing the beauty of the unknown. Lunastry is a combination of the Latin word Luna, meaning moon. And Astry which is shortened for astrology, the study of celestial bodies that have a great influence on our human affairs and natural world.. We believe in magic, love and the well being of your mind, body and soul. Each reading lasts for 10 minutes and will be held in our enchanting Fairy Gazebo area. Each participant must choose a time slot from those available and register individually, providing their own information. Wine is not included in the ticket. A drink purchase of minimum $10 plus tax and gratuity per participant is required to attend this event and can be made at the vineyard prior to the start of the event, after our staff checks your ID. Aquila's Nest has many non-alcoholic options as well. Outside Alcohol Beverages, Water Bottles or Any Other Beverages are NOT allowed to be brought in the premises of the vineyard. This is a restriction of our Farm Winery Permit. Our staff reserves the right to check bags and coolers. All participants must be 21 years of age or older. CANCELLATION POLICY This ticket is non-refundable.

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