Missing PEACE - Manifest Your Happiness

Wednesday November 2 | 6:30 pm

Service Description

Manifest Your Happiness with Flory Netsch Hiatrides: ‍Mentor - Manifester - Mathematician - Mom - Entrepreneur. FLORY, A Wakened Events Founder and Chief Manifesting Officer, combines 40 years of proven business with ancient wisdom and modern science as she introduces the Missing P E A C E program focused on all the pieces of your life: Physical, Emotional, Aspirational, Cerebral + Ethereal. In this 45-minute presentation, FLORY will give you practical tools that you can easily implement to maximize success, happiness, and Master Your PEACE to empower you to reach your highest potential. INTRO video: https://vimeo.com/717308094 Reservation includes a raffle entry to win a 50% discount for a seat in an A-Wakened-Events.com seminar facilitated by FLORY.