Visit the Vineyard

What will our opening hours be?

   Monday        =>      Closed

   Tuesday        =>      Closed

   Wednesday  =>      Closed

   Thursday     =>       5 pm - 8 pm

   Friday           =>       5 pm - 8 pm

   Saturday      =>       11 am - 8 pm

   Sunday         =>       11 am - 6 pm

What will our Covid-19 regulations and accommodations be?

  • 6 ft apart social distancing is required to be respected at all times inside the tasting area and in the outdoors seating area.

  • No more than 35 people at a time will be allowed indoors. We have outdoors seating to accommodate more visitors.

  • Masks are required when you enter or stand inside the tasting area, and when you use the restroom. Once you are seated in your table, you can remove your mask.

  • Tables and restrooms will be cleaned frequently.  Hand sanitizers will be available across many areas of the winery.

  • No-contact services, online orders, including curbside pickup is available. Our Online Order page will be available soon.

  • Groups may be seated together indoors, with a maximum of 10 people per group. For parties of  5 - 10, a reservation is recommended. Please note that there is a 1 hr time limit for indoors stay. 

  • Groups may be seated together outdoors, with a maximum of 15 people per group. For parties of  8 - 15, a reservation is recommended.  

  • Family or Corporate parties with a maximum of 25 people are allowed indoors on evenings when the winery is not open to the public. Please contact us to book an event.

Is the vineyard family and dog friendly, and do we allow picnics?

  • For outdoors seating only, it is absolutely dog friendly! Please make sure to clean after your dog.

  • We encourage families to bring their children, as well as their own food blankets, picnic baskets, folding chairs.

  • Everyone is responsible for their personal belongings, as well as to clean their picninc area before leaving the vineyard.

What types of food choices are available at the winery, and do we allow outside beverages?

  • Please note that outside alcohol beverages, water bottles or any other beverage is not allowed in the premises of the vineyard. This is a restriction of our Farm Winery Permit. Any violation of this restriction puts our permit in jeopardy.  We have non-alcoholic beverages available at the wine bar for sale: water, juice, soda.

  • You will be able to purchase crackers, different kinds of cheese, chocolates inside the tasting area.

  • Food trucks will also be available outdoors every weekend. 

Will we require a reservation for small or large groups?


  • A reservation is not required for parties of 1 - 4. First come, first serve if indoors space is available.

  • For parties of  5 - 10, a reservation is highly recommended. 

  • Please note that there is a 1 hr time limit for indoors stay. 


  • A reservation is not required for parties of 1 - 7. First come, first serve if outdoors seating space is available.

  • For parties of  8 - 15, a reservation is highly recommended. The Reservations page will be available soon.

  • Please note that you are allowed to bring your own seating blanket, folding chair and picnic basket. No outside beverages!

Can you purchase wine bottles and winery gifts online?

  • Yes you can and the order needs to be picked up in the winery. The Online Order page will be available soon. 

  • Please note that for gifts we may ask you to pick up your order in another 5 - 10+ days, since every gift is custom made.

Do we host weddings and private special events?

  • We do not host weddings at the moment.

  • We host Family or Corporate parties with a maximum of 25 people indoors only, on evenings when the winery is not open to the public. Call to make a reservation.

Can you take engagement and family holiday photos at the vineyard?

  • We encourage all local photographers, couples and families to make memories in our vineyard. Please email in advance to let us know when you will be coming.

  • We also have our own vineyard photographer available for couples and families. Please email in advance for us to put you in touch with our photographer.


Can you order the Aquila Wine Spills brand gifts as party favors for Family and Corporate events?
Absolutely! Please submit your order online or contact us directly.

We look forward to your visit ❤️

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