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Aquila's Nest was inspired by mythological tales and our love for astronomy. All our wines are branded with the image of a constellation, the name of a woman drawn from an ancient Mediterranean myth, the inscription of a wisdom Latin phrase translated in English in the back of the label, as well as a unique wine cup design of the story that brings all these elements together.


Our planted vines span across 10 acres of sun kissed vineyards where in 2019 we enjoyed our first harvest, now offering 9 wines seasonally.


Empowered Women, Empower Women. That's what we stand for at Aquila's Nest. Afterall, our wines are named after women from ancient Mediterranean history and mythology; diverse women of science, arts and sports are celebrated all over the interior décor of our winery; and we are proud to continuously partner with so many local women owned businesses.

Explore the Visit Us FAQ page for the Food Truck, Live Music schedule and other information.

Wine Tasting Experiences

10oz Flights

Red Wine Flight $18.5

Red Blend, Merlot, Baco Noir,

Dry Rosé

White Wine Flight $17

Dry Riesling, Dry Cayuga, Estate White, Moscato

Sweet Wine Flight $18.5

Sparkling Rosé, Moscato, 

White Wine Slushy, Red Wine Slushy

Signature Wine Flight $18.5

with Snack Pairings $24

with Snacks & Souvenir Glass $30

Red Blend, Merlot, Dry Rosé, Dry Riesling


In the Signature Wine Flight with Snacks each wine is paired with sustainably sourced crackers, nuts and chocolate provided by BD Provisions.

Sustainable Snacks 1
Wine Tasting Flight

Scroll to explore our selection of wines by glass/bottle, special wine drinks, food menu, non alcoholic beverages.

Queen of Illyria Red Blend

Glass $13.99 | Bottle $45.99


Our signature wine, this full-bodied 

red wine is a blend of Syrah and 

Malbec varieties. The high levels of the

“good for you” tannins will make guests

experience that classic dry tongue-

clicking sensation.

Queen of Illyria Red Blend Wine Bottle Label

Princess of Troy Merlot

Glass $12.99 | Bottle $41.99

This medium-bodied Merlot

offers a real presence on the palate

from start to finish. Generous notes of blackberry, plum and black cherry

flavors are vibrant and racy.

Princess of  Troy Merlot Wine Bottle Label

Amazons Baco Noir

Glass $12.75 | Bottle $38.75


This light bodied, complex Estate Red Wine will surprise your senses with its tart

blackberry fruit forward aromas, herbal

notes and soft, smoky tannins, followed

by flavors of dark chocolate and a

smooth spicy finish.

Amazons Baco Noir Wine Bottle Label

Sibyl Dry Rosé

Glass $12.99 | Bottle $39.75


This Sangiovese Rosé retains it

refreshing qualities of luscious strawberry

and cherry complimented by the fresh

citrus scent of orange blossoms, creates

a refreshing wine that’s best served

chilled or even over ice.

Sibyl Dry Rose Wine Bottle Label

Libera Sparkling Semi Sweet Rosé

Glass $14.99 | Bottle $45.99

This coral pink Sparkling Semi

Sweet Rosé Valdiguié Wine inspires

the senses with aromas of citrus,

raspberries with sweet finishing

notes of ripe strawberries

on the palate.

Libera Sparkling Semi Dry Rose Wine Bottle Label

Zana e Malit Dry Riesling

Glass $11.99 | Bottle $32.75


This rich yellow color wine bursts with

the aromas and flavors of white peach,

apricot, citrus blossom and lime, leading

to a long, refreshing dry finish and is

a surprising accompaniment to

exotic spicy pairings.

Zana e Malit Dry Riesling Wine Bottle Label

Callisto Dry Cayuga

Glass $11.75 | Bottle $31.99

Crisp and bright, this nearly colorless

dry Cayuga wine is bursting with the

orchard fruit flavors of crisp apple and

white peach and is aged in stainless

steel for a pristine finish.

Callisto Cayuga Wine Bottle Label

Gaea Semi Sweet Estate White Wine

Glass $13.75 | Bottle $41.75


This semi sweet wine is made from

Estate - grown Cayuga, Traminette,

Moscato and Riesling grapes. Expressive

and alive with flavors of nectarine, baked

apple, abound with botanical aromas

of local wildflowers and a distinct

minerality are harmoniously balanced

by a creamy texture and medium-

bodied, layered finish.

Gaea Estate White Blend Wine Bottle Label

Siren Sweet Moscato

Glass $11.25 | Bottle $29.99


Displaying a bright golden hue

in the glass, this semi-sweet Moscato radiates with intense, clean aromas of apricot and honeysuckle flowers. An excellent dessert wine, perfect for fruit salads, cakes and cream pastries

Siren Moscato Wine Bottle Label

Seasonal Wine Specials

Sangria, Slushy, Chocolate Mulled Wine Glass $13.99

Sangria Pitcher (38oz) $59.99


Soft Drinks

Water Bottle $2.5

Pellegrino, Seltzer Coke, Sprite, Gatorade, Bai & Apple Juice, Coffee, Hot Tea, Hot Chocolate $4

Mocktail, Kombucha $10

Wine Slushies

Food Allergy Notice

Food served in this facility may contain milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, peanuts, tree nuts.

Cheese Box


Artisanal cheeses, jam, olives, seasonal fresh or dried fruits, chocolate, crackers. Selections vary.

Crudités Box


Hummus with seasonal vegetables. Prepared fresh by Loree's Fine Food.

Please note box contents might change weekly, based on produce availability.

Chocolates / Crackers / S' Mores

$6 - $12

Cheese and Veggie Boxes

Hat | $20

T-Shirt | $20

Tank Top | $17 

Long Sleeve Shirt | $25

Zip Collar Sweatshirt | $35

Picnic Blanket | $29

Wine Tumbler | $25

Wine Books | $15

Souvenir Glass | $7.50

Wine Bottle Wooden Box | $35

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Explore the Visit Us FAQ page for the Food Truck, Live Music schedule and other information.


Outside Alcohol Beverages, Water Bottles or Any Other Beverages are NOT allowed to be brought in the premises of the vineyard. This is a restriction of our Farm Winery Permit. Our staff reserves the right to check bags and coolers.

* Prices do not include tax.*

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