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Our Name

Aquila's Nest draws its meaning from the Mediterranean culture, family origins and personal interests of the vineyards' owners. Neviana and Ardian both grew up in Albania, a country in the crossroads of Italian, Slavic, Turkish and Greek traditions, often referred to as the Land of the Eagles, embracing the symbol in its flag as well. Aquila's Nest was inspired by ancient mythological tales and our love for astronomy.

As depicted in Homer's Iliad, Aquila (Latin for eagle) was known as the bird that carried Zeus’ thunderbolts, as well as the boy Ganymede to Olympus to be the cup/wine bearer of the gods. Zeus made a place for him among the stars as Aquarius (Latin for cup bearer) shielded to this day by the wing of the Aquila constellation. We were drawn to this story in particular since Neviana's last name means Aquila in Latin, while Ardian's birth sign is symbolized by Aquarius.

Ardian's grandfather lived in Australia for almost 40 years. Australian Aboriginals saw the Corona Borealis constellation as an eagle's nest: a gathering point where men and women come together to consider matters of existence. After all, this myth ties well with the identity that we would like to create for the vineyard: a place of gathering for the community, where a glass of wine will be the perfect excuse to start candid discussions.

Myths have been told and retold over a span of two thousand years in the Mediterranean region. Their beauty stands in the fact that we can never know the one "true" version; they are up to our perception and interpretation.

Through our wines we aim to share ancient stories

In the winery you will peek at the constellations

At the vineyard we hope to inspire our community...

...with myths of the past and stories of the present over a glass of wine, gathered around an intimate fire pit under the bright blue or starry sky.

Aquila’s Nest Vineyards is an experience and impact focused vineyard, and a climate neutral certified winery, providing visitors with immersive events that embrace each of the five senses. Carpe Vinum🍷


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